Ancient healers recommended salt inhalation for good health and healing respiratory problems. Salt therapy remains a top spa trend because of its numerous benefits. Although it is like relaxing on the beach but it offers much more than simple relaxation.

There are thousands of salt rooms in Europe and beyond but you have to be very careful in your selection.

The benefits of salt therapy are wide ranged. Salt levels affect our blood sugar level. It also has an impact on the energy level. It also affects our cell activity. Salt, as you know is a natural disinfectant. Salt is also antimicrobial. Salt comes in two forms. It may be empty processed form or healthier pure sea salt. Dry salt air is more effective than moist air.

Salt therapy is also a mood enhancer. The negatively charged ions in the salt also help in improving our mood and overall health. These particles are tiny and can be inhaled without any effort. They may reduce inflammation. They also reduce mucus in the lungs thus improving any allergies, asthma, bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or sinus. You yourself will feel a change in the way you breathe after a therapy.

The detoxifying effects of salt therapy can also improve the immune system. It can also support the lymphatic and nervous system. It reduces the stress level. It is also known to cure headaches. By the virtue of this, sleep pattern also improves.

Skin conditions like rashes, eczema, psoriasis and acne can also be improved with salt therapy. Sodium chloride, which is table salt, is dehydrating but pure mineral salts have natural moisturising properties. It supports the skin moisture balance. Minerals also have strong rejuvenating properties since they are necessary for cell function and detoxification.

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